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The Rational Society aims to be as neutral as possible while producing relevant, consistent and useful ideas for individuals looking to improve themselves. The Rational Society strives to bring concise, practical and essential knowledge for the express purpose of helping those who want to grow – regardless of their starting point.

To start your journey of personal development, it is important to notice the realities around you. A strong foundation of habits, consistency and the right frame of mind are necessities to enable growth: even the strongest ladder is useless on muddy ground.

The Rational Society will expand to a community soon to bring together like minded individuals – Discord will be the chosen platform as it supports anonymity to a suitable extent so that everyone will be able to join us.

Got questions, feedback, or just want to talk? Message me at apollo(at)therationalsociety.com

Change comes from a solid foundation.

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A white box.

Greetings – I am Apollo, the writer of the blog on The Rational Society. As you can  see, my nickname is not my actual name, but just a way to define the identity of an otherwise faceless character.

On identity

For more context about myself, I'm a law student and legal intern in my 20's, working part-time in a law office while also running this blog. My decision to start this project stems from a lifelong desire to learn and discover and explain the ways of the world.


I chose Apollo as my nickname due to the diverse and complex characteristics of the Greek divinity, representative of both the varied content on this site but also of the very manifold and individual traits of the  human character.

I made the deliberate choice to restrict my identity as a matter of principle, privacy and safety. I have no doubt that my identity will eventually become public either with or without my consent, but this is the reality for the time being.

Apollo, founder and writer of The Rational Society