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What's new in 2022: A new category!

It's time for a short news post: this article won't feature any informational substance, so check out the recommended posts below.

The most important thing for The Rational Society is to maintain high-quality content. I've been trying to figure out how to do it while staying relevant by posting often enough. Most content creators have to choose between making lower quality content more often to stay relevant and making less content but with higher quality. For The Rational Society, there needs to be a balance between content quality and frequency.

That's why I've decided to create a new category for 2022: Foundational articles. These are crucial, relevant, and foundationally important topics that are only covered 12 times per year, or roughly once per month. I can't yet guarantee that it'll be one foundational article per every month as I'm juggling law school and a part-time job on top of all this, but I'll try my best. Nonetheless, there will be a total of 12 annually.

Foundational topics will the most researched and high-quality content on this site. They will cover topics that I deem worthy enough to only be published 12 times per year. Other content will remain at the same current level, but the purpose of the non-foundational articles will be to drive traffic to the site to keep the blog relevant. These articles cover also very important, but more everyday-themed topics – sometimes our most mundane problems are our biggest, so they deserve attention as well.

First foundational article of 2022

I obviously can't talk about something so major and influential as a new foundational category if I can't provide an example on what is to come: The first article in the foundational category will cover order as structure against chaos. Order, defined as the ability to create arbitrary rules and follow them, is the foundation human development – building our modern societies, expanding infrastructure, developing revolutionary medicine, and helping humanity become an interstellar species.

The article will focus on establishing order on an individual level and how it can be used in practice to create a tremendously regular life to prepare you for adversity and allow maximal growth through stability. The article is still in the works (to guarantee quality) and will be released in early January.


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