• Apollo

Discontentment and embracing rationality

Last Wednesday on the 6th of October 2021, I had a strange revelation. I had spent a lot of time doing things I knew were unhealthy and harmful, like excessive drinking at student events and staying up too late for several nights only to regret it massively in the mornings. I was angry at myself because I knew that this was not my best version of myself and that I could be so much more. I had even had these “What are you doing to yourself, stop it” moments often before but had never committed to doing anything tangible to address my issues.

Most often these moments of discontentment led me to a deceitful phrase: “I’ll start over tomorrow”. I would imagine a brutal order: waking up, brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, heading out, studying, working, coming home, and being satisfied. Each time I had been making a daydream in my head, and in the morning the most common result was that I just snoozed my alarm and gave up before the day had even started.

That Wednesday night something clicked, however, and I experienced a massive realization: I don’t have to start tomorrow, next week, or next year. What I need to do is to start immediately. I started by making my breakfast for the morning, then moving onto folding my clothes onto my chair and packing my backpack. I never considered myself a morning person due to the excessively slow progress I tend to have during the mornings, so I moved all that work to the previous night. Every morning since this day has been excessively effective, and I am immensely happy that I realized that I have this option too.

If you’re looking for change, you need to realize that you need to start immediately. Don’t overdo it, or you will burn out, though. If you’re looking to improve your fitness, start with going on a walk right now. Don’t even finish this blog text, just go. You need to find the lowest threshold of discomfort that you can endure and do that now, then tomorrow, and then the day after. The risk of falling increases with bigger steps, so small steps guarantee slow but steady progress.

Having spent this week trying out my new nightly preparation routine, I feel ecstatic about my future. I suddenly feel like I’ve got all the power in the world. Whatever I set my mind to, I first plan and then fit into my daily schedule. That’s how I get things done – issues get solved with a systemic approach. By embracing your rational side, thinking issues through, you can fix almost anything. If you remove emotion and think logically, you will find your way even through the darkest and deepest of nights.


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